well since i can’t talk to ANYONE ill just say it here where no one knows me anyways. i cut myself today. 20 year old man. should get stitches but most likely won’t. my will and my want to do anything is completely gone. i need a friend. i need someone to show me how to be me again. i hate who i am and if things don’t change i most likely wont be around to see many more nights.

Breaking dance.

So im building a minecraft city annnd. Yeah. I got no life.

So. Minecraft.


s.s.3 pikachu


So legit its adorable!

new world, making some kind of castle landscape i think….ive got some good ideas with this one. ]=D

night time in the city =O

Oh hi there! im steven =]]]
i love to draw
cartoons are amazing
x box is amazing
brittany harvey is the love of my life and owns my heart for ever
04.06.08 - forever!

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